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  • You look at the bank statement, decide how much money is available, and you levy a fine that will hurt, but not break. We're going to have to generate some money to cover expenses. I only want a hymnbook and a singer, Zane said. I have no particular sense of team, of anyone else on the field. He was aware presently that he had not come into Bland's camp by this route.

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  • No, what he felt was more a need to be near Rand, or maybe Rand's need for him, like an itch between his shoulders he could not scratch. Rolling over and over on the river, swept from side to side like a log, came a strange dark object Andy! Though it picked up speed until it was gliding over the rails at nearly thirty miles an hour, Pitt felt as if the tram were crawling and he wanted to get out and help push it. And I feared for my village, and for Shoogar's sanity and my own.
  • You may have noticed the strikeovers and other symptoms of amateur typing. Indeed, copies of woodcut prints of the devil that Kim had seen from that era looked identical. He sat in the back of his chauffeured limousine as it picked its way through Manhattan's late afternoon traffic, and hid himself behind clouds of cigar smoke and reflected that organized crime looked organized only because everything else in the country was so disorganized. I just didn't want it to be the Enterprise, that's all. He steeled himself to walk past the women outside without meeting their watching eyes.

  • Then I remembered that Enoch had just seen the king. Thustin took him on a diagonal path across the courtyard, heading for a place where there was a double-sided wooden door, set flush with the ground, just at the edge of Getfen House's foundation.
  • He used his glass to indicate the entirety of the bridge. It offered more resistance to his sword than the whole fog-body had and parted with a most unnatural and unexpected twang as he cut it through.
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  • It pains me to think that such power is so close to our grasp, sighed the eager young mage. No need for a watch-dog where you are, mother Zam n! cried the boy, and with a bark and a shout he leapt over the gate and went off at a run down the hill.
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  • Do not undertake a duty unless you have the power to enforce it, Chester said. Nothing hotted up or melted out in those days, but splendid stuff that came on fresh at every big stop; cooked brilliantly in the galley by a real chef; fresh fish, tremendous meat, real fruit -- don't you remember what their baked apples were like? They'll watch us, and when we camp they'll stampede our stock if they can. It was sure Ryssand would be no truer to one lord than to another, and if they looked to sweep Tasm rden before them, why, Ryssand might discover he was loyal after all.
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  • The cop opened the driver's-side door, leaned in, and stared through the mesh between the front seat and the back. Obviously we don't look at individual prescribing habits unless we are given information by the board of medical examiners or the medical society's ethics committee that suggests there is an irregularity.
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