• He's a six-foot tall musclebound freak who's wandering around a lab facility in the buff, Arissa said. Light escaping from The Palms made his eyes turn red at the right angle.
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  • Then he surprised her by commiserating with her about the assault and the death of her dog. Somehow he had imagined something much more cubic, and taller. The penlight showed orderly boxes of documents and a wall of old law books, from Earth, mostly in English.
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  • The fly that bit her on the arm made her jump. I looked away uncomfortably, well aware of why Regal hated those with the Wit. They had studied Tennyson's poem in school the preceding winter, the Superintendent of Education having prescribed it in the English course for the Prince Edward Island schools. I was no longer in the safety of the trees, and I knew the danger I ran of bringing upon myself the hunting animals by too audible an expression of my grief.

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