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    Bitty's hands were soft, and Raif couldn't get the fingers to close around the grip. So we'll be there in force, but we'll need to be prepared to move back. The unsteady light of the torches only made it look even more confused, and he clung to the pole as vertigo washed through him.

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    Oda was right, he might have trouble finding a woman to mate. Notwithstanding that I would find the sight of her repulsive.

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  • I counted paces and when I reached a thousand I tugged the line; Peewee stopped and we touched helmets. No one can bring him in arrerage (arrears); in fact, sheriffs, shepherds, and workers are scared to death of him--not a sign of goodness in Chaucer's book. DOLAHN: Well, Saolgud and Mokae are quite dead assuming it is them, since they're missing their heads. Under religion, Muslim, he described himself as a believer, but not devout. She wanted to look into them, but was halfivay afraid of what she might see in those dark green depths; would it be the Roger she knew, or the silent stranger-the hanged man?
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    We had to store trash brought with him on the premises and will have to remove it little by little. It appeared line by line, like an old-fashioned TV picture, as the infrared detector scanned back and forth across the face of the Moon. He had gone right down feet-first, and nothing kept the sledge from following him but my weight, which held the rear third of the runners still on solid ice.

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  • The Simbul was watching him closely, her eyes very dark. After listening to Viscount Hewlette expound for the last half hour on the magnificence of a new hunter he'd bought, the earl appeared like a burst of sunlight in a world of murky, mundane trivialities. If the spirits were involved, why would they desire our misery? He did it well, genuflecting before each one before he took it down and unscrewed its head. Vaguely I heard excited talk in the street below ... but I decided I wasn't interested.
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  • Left alone, they will reach the Rhenn in that week's time, and we will be making our first stand in the place where we had hoped to make our last. Maybe she believed Nynaeve could read her thoughts if she tried. This was cut as neatly as a hot knife in cheese. I think it has to do with that safe de- posit key Anna wants so desperately to find. He shook his head at me, being practical as he sometimes was, most surprisingly.

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